The Bulletin

IWCC membership includes a quarterly online magazine called The Bulletin, which you will find under “Members Only.” Hard copies are available for an extra fee; see the application form.

Topics in The Bulletin range from area news, health articles, featured articles and Club business to the results of our National and Regional Irish Wolfhound Club Specialties. Many of the Bulletin articles are also available for your reading pleasure on this website.

Submit photographs, letters to the editor, news stories, or feature articles to the Bulletin Editors.  We are currently looking for a new editor or editorial team.  Please contact the Club Secretary at if you are interested in this position

Please consider joining if you are not a club member. IWCC membership runs from January 1st to December 31st. Regardless of the date you join, new members shall be exempt from paying their membership dues for the remainder of that calendar year. Any new member joining after October 31 shall automatically have their year of free membership deferred to the start of the following year. You will find the application form on the IWCC Membership page.

The Bulletin Submission Guidelines

Submit your stories, photographs, opinions and ideas. Submission deadline is the last day of February, May, August, and November. Every effort will be made to have submissions included in the upcoming issue. Send all submissions to

The Bulletin Submission Guidelines (PDF 45 KB)


  1. Submissions are to be in third person style, will contain only hound related content, and be no longer than two pages in length, including photos. If multiple submissions are received for one area, the Bulletin Team reserves the right to edit the submission and merge to fit within the total allotted area space. The Bulletin must be advised if you wish to reserve the right to edit your own material when it is needed.
  2. News occurring in different areas across the country should be separated into
    the specific areas.
  3. Content is to include winners and occurrences at local shows/events; reports of special occurrences, fun matches, seminars, fun get-togethers, births, deaths and illnesses of members and their hounds; and/or interesting anecdotes or hound adventures.
  4. Content should also include all area hounds (including non-members) and not dwell solely on the writer’s own hounds/activities.
  5. At first instance of the hound’s name, provide the hound’s call name (full registered name with titles, and owner(s) name).
  6. Negative views and opinions of a practice or a person contained within the Area News will not be accepted for printing. Such articles will be returned for revision/re-submission.


If you are interested in submitting an article, email to reserve the space, request a word count, and be sure to include photos of Irish wolfhounds for the article. Send all articles as Word documents with a .doc or .docx extension. Do not send a pdf file. If your article has embedded photos, please send the original photo files separately.


Please ensure all news and article photos are high resolution .jpg or .tif files and at least 300dpi. Files should be at least 1 to 6 MB in size.


Casual fun photos of wolfhounds in a seasonal setting may be submitted at any time for front cover consideration. Photos will be saved for at least one year. Editors chose the cover photo, and the Editors’ decision is final.

We are looking for volunteers to coordinate the digitization of our past Bulletins. If you are interested, please contact Monique Seguin, archives secretary,  at