IWCC Rescue

For decades, the rescue of any Irish Wolfhound in need has been a significant focus of the Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada. Our rescue system acts as a safety net for hounds in distress. It may mean getting a Wolfhound out of a shelter, recovering a dog wandering loose in the neighbourhood, or perhaps re-homing due to death, divorce, job loss, or other family crisis. It can also serve as a potential resource for breeders or owners who find it difficult to re-home an adult hound. Throughout its history, the Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada has enjoyed an outstanding reputation for rescue, built on individual breeders and breed fanciers stepping up with personal time and resources to help a hound in need. IWCC Rescue offers non-judgmental help to all during challenging times.

Surrendered hounds are placed into foster care, where rescue coordinators work with them and have them evaluated by a veterinarian. Some may only require a check-up to confirm good health, while others may need more attention, such as spaying or neutering, vaccinating, or assessing temperament and pertinent history. Choosing the right home for a rescued hound from the pool of applicants is a big job, and it takes time to make the right match. Any Irish Wolfhound owner can tell you how sensitive these gentle giants are. Hounds surrendered to rescue might be frightened and bewildered, but most have the potential to become wonderful family pets deserving of someone’s love. They are very people-oriented and need to be part of the family.

The cost of adopting a rescue is relatively modest. While we must recoup veterinary expenses and food costs to help with subsequent rescues, our goal is not monetary. We work to place these hounds with just one goal in mind: finding them a loving, “forever” home. The hound is placed under contract and must be returned to IWCC Rescue should the placement fail or circumstances change.

Surrendering your hound when you can no longer provide adequate quality of life is the greatest act of love imaginable. We understand how difficult this can be and are here to help. If you need to surrender your Irish Wolfhound, the first step is to contact your breeder. Most breeders make a lifetime commitment to the puppies they produce and will take back a hound if an owner encounters unforeseen circumstances. Should they not, please complete this surrender form: IWCC Rescue Surrender Form

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a Wolfhound, please download and complete the adoption/fostering form: IWCC Adoption or Foster Form  

Remember that the number of Irish Wolfhounds coming to rescue is thankfully few. So if your genuine desire is to live with an Irish Wolfhound, please consider contacting the club secretary

IWCC Rescue will network with other Irish Wolfhound rescue operations to secure help for Irish wolfhounds outside our jurisdiction.

United States Rescue Contacts

Irish Wolfhound Club of America Rescue
For a complete listing by state, please see: Irish Wolfhound Club of America • Rescue

Friends of the Irish Wolfhound

The infrastructure of any rescue group finds its strength in being multi-faceted, both in terms of programs and support. For this reason, in 2009, the IWCC launched a new venture called Friends of the Irish Wolfhound. The Friends initiative gives IW fanciers, who may not show or course their hounds, a way to be active in the club and support the club’s mandate: to protect and preserve Irish Wolfhounds. These volunteers are the eyes and ears of IWCC Rescue, in their respective communities. They also form a volunteer pool for foster homes, transport, home checks and awareness/fundraising campaigns.

Please download and read the Friends of the Irish Wolfhound (new form to be added soon). If you are considering adopting, fostering, or offering any help, or if you come across a dog in a shelter that you think is an Irish Wolfhound, don’t hesitate to contact these committee members:



Are you interested in fundraising for IWCC Rescue? Please contact Emma Ross at