IWCC Handbook

The Board dedicates this publication to the memory of the late Karen Smith (2017), who reproduced the Club Logo on a large aluminum shield that has been used at our annual conformation shows since 1997. Karen was the daughter of long-time Club members Ben & Jeannette Tinsley, of Eireloom Irish Wolfhounds, Ontario.

The revised 2018 handbook is available here on the Club website for anyone interested. We hope that this document will be helpful to individuals seeking information about the breed, as well as to new owners. For the time being, the Club will only sponsor an electronic version. The handbook can be printed by those who so desire from the website. Should sponsorship be secured to cover the cost of printing, the Club could certainly entertain making printed copies available.

The Board of Directors would like to thank those four IWCC members who worked on the revision of the Club Handbook. We thank Tina Ing for the preparation and updating work she did. Guylaine Gagnon and Huguette Rainforth did an amazing job with the layout, photo compilation and French translation. Appreciation is also extended to Jocelyne Gagne for bringing this project forward and for editing the document.

IW Handbook (PDF 4 MB)