Finding a Reputable Breeder

Finding a responsible breeder you can trust is the most critical step in finding your new puppy. Think of a reputable breeder as your personal encyclopedia. They have spent years acquiring all the experience, knowledge, and information needed to answer any of your questions, issues, or concerns, and will remain an invaluable source of support for the life of your wolfhound.

The breeder’s responsibility is to produce registered hounds that conform to the Standard of Excellence, and to ensure that puppies will be healthy, stable and well-adjusted members of society.  The IWCC Breeders Code of Ethics requires that breeders undertake all the recommended health testing for our breed as prescribed by OFA and the IWCC which includes heart, hips, elbows, and eye certifications. They should promote responsible pet ownership and offer mentorship, education, and support. To find your puppy, the IWCC Member-Breeders and Ambassador Lists are  valuable resources.

Breeder List

Ambassadors List

There are few litter advertisements found on pure breed dog clubs’ websites, and reputable Irish wolfhound breeders usually do not advertise. However, the IWCC decided to highlight its breeders, as their engagement and commitment to the breed is well known to the Club.

Increasingly breeders outside of the club are breeding dogs of questionable quality and advertising their puppies on every platform possible including Facebook, Instagram, personal websites but also, sale sites such as Kijiji and even as part of farm animal auctions.  It is understood that there are no guarantees, but a breeder that follows the IWCC Code of Ethics is doing the best they can to produce healthy Irish wolfhound puppies and to support their prospective homes.

Not all reputable breeders have long wait-lists to home a larger litter of puppies than expected. There are also potential owners who wait a long time to find themselves the 6th “potential home” for a litter of 5 and turn to the internet or other sales platforms. Not all breeders have been raising quality dogs long enough to have owner friends who come back to them when they add a puppy, or can suggest possible homes  when a potential home for a puppy falls through.  The fear of having to keep  several puppies for months is sometimes enough to hold back young breeders. The Club needs them, and they need the Club’s support. Posting available puppies here can help these reputable breeders find suitable homes.

If you have any question or concerns about a club breeder, please contact the IWCC secretary.

Questions for the Buyer To Ask the Breeder and Sample Questions the Breeder May Ask You

Here’s a helpful PDF file that you can download and refer to Questions To Ask a Breeder and Questions a Breeder May Ask You (PDF 467 KB).

For extra information on things to keep on your radar.  Please click the link below:
A Word of Caution

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