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National Breed Clubs

National Breed Dog Clubs or Breed Parent Clubs are essential because they support preserving and protecting their Club’s purebred dogs. With the concept of showing dogs growing worldwide, it became increasingly important to have uniform show rules and to document the winnings and pedigrees of the top-rated dogs for “many” different breeds. These clubs provide the owners of specific breeds an avenue to communicate with one another and promote their breeds. They are responsible for making their breed’s Standard understood and respected by the breeders and its members. They also educate their members by holding workshops and seminars on various subjects such as health, movement, conformation, grooming, etc. Most clubs will also publish Magazines, Bulletins, and Newsletters and sponsor Breed Specialty Shows.

The Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada (an example of a breed club) is ours. Its mandate is to safeguard and protect the breed’s best interests by encouraging, through selective breeding, the highest quality of soundness and conformation to standard and maintaining the present outstanding temperament of the Irish Wolfhound. The Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada also serves to acquaint the public with these dogs’ natural qualities and offer members an opportunity to meet people with the same enthusiasm for the breed. It is also an excellent place for breeders to share their knowledge and experience.

The IWCC Code of Ethics applies to all members and aligns with the Animal Protection Act, reflecting our general priorities for hound welfare, responsible breeding, and ownership.

You can support the Club’s mandate by joining and remaining a member of the IWCC. The Club relies on a group of volunteers to run the Club. Many tasks (both large and small) will help make this Club, The Bulletin, and the website a valuable resource of information for its members.

Many of us have families, and we all have busy lives and can spare only a few hours for volunteer work, but every little bit counts.

What You Can Do to Help

  • Serve on the Board of Directors (Regular Members only)
  • Chair/work on a Specialty show
  • Chair/work on Performance Events
  • Chair/work on Regional Specialties and Boosters
  • Volunteer to be on a Committee
  • Join the  “Friends of the Irish Wolfhound
  • Volunteer to be an “Ambassador of the Breed”
  • Help with The IWCC Bulletin by sending in articles or suggestions for articles
  • Offer to scan older Bulletins for the Archives (contact Monique Seguin)
  • Offer positive suggestions and ideas to make our Club better

FIWC bannerIWCC Area Branches

The Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada supports our local Clubs, called Area Branches.

British Columbia Area Branch
Katy Albrecht (Treasurer)
Pauline Dunn (Secretary)

Mid-Western Branch
Jill Benoit
Cindy Kremer
Lynda Schofield
Robyn Wheat (Treasurer)
Stephanie Bugbee (Secretary)

Région Québec Area Branch
Ginette Auclair
Guylaine Gagnon (Secretary/Treasurer)

Upper Canada Regional Branch
Jocelyne Gagne (President)
Harald Odenwald (Vice-President)
Monique Seguin (Secretary)
Judith Callender (Treasurer) •

Ontario Regional Branch
Donita Osborne (President)
Susan Andrews (Secretary)
Donna Tomson (Treasurer)

National Club for All Breeds

The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) is the National organization for all Purebred Dogs in Canada, mandated by “Agriculture Canada,” to maintain all the registrations of purebred dogs in this country. Membership in the CKC is open to anyone who has a sincere interest in dogs. Many local clubs are affiliated with the CKC, which sponsors dog shows, and many other events.


Purebred dogs are registered at birth with the National Club of the owner’s country of residence, in Canada it’s with the Canadian Kennel Club, Registration Division. You may also register your dog in another country. For example, the American Kennel Club (AKC) is the registry organization for the United States. If you choose to participate in AKC dog competitions, you must register your hound with the AKC.

Pedigree vs. Registration

The pedigree shows the family lineage or ancestry of the dog. The Irish Wolfhound Database is a useful research tool. Don’t overlook their worldwide research tool, as well as their Facebook page. The Registration Certificate is issued by the Canadian Kennel Club, confirming the dog’s dam and sire’s identity and registration and assigning the dog with its own registration number. This number will identify your dog in the future.
NOTE: An extra charge for registration papers is illegal in Canada.


For detailed information about exhibiting dogs in conformation and obedience, contact the Canadian Kennel Club for Dog Show Rules. Your breeder should also be able to guide you and help you to make local contacts. Many local clubs offer handling classes for dog owners interested in showing.

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