Thank you to the photographers, breeders and friends who have provided photos for use on this site:

  • Guylaine Gagnon and Clément Beaulieu, photographer, Hemmingford Kennel
  • Donna Tomson, Castlekeep Irish Wolfhounds
  • Barbara Daley, Aotearoa Irish Wolfhounds
  • Sue McClure, Breed Standard drawing
  • Emma Ross and Katy Albrecht, co-partners, Cnoccarne Irish Wolfhounds
  • Katy Albrecht and Jerry Holmes
  • Esme Albrecht, junior handler
  • Tina and Mark Berry, Berrybriar irish Wolfhounds, breeders/photographers
  • Huguette Rainforth, Rainforth Kennel
  • Sid Wood, Arahu IW – Saluki
  • Cindy Briscoe Hewson
  • Jonathan Marceau
  • Louise Bouchat-Laird, Kalkinny Irish Wolfhounds
  • Cindy Nuttall
  • Bev Calvert
  • Jacques Binet
  • Nadya Martel and Carl Huot, Élevage Géants Shrek
  • Ruth Irving
  • Jeanne Patterson
  • Carolyn Dean, Druid Rock IWs
  • Celso Mollo, photographer
  • Kim Russell, Power Tripp, breeder/photographer
  • Siri Thompson, photographer
  • Jason Wilson
  • Marc Rodaro
  • Risha Cupit-Berzins, artist/photographer
  • Mary Huff, photographer
  • V.W Perry, photographer
  • Toto, photographer
  • Mel Carranza, photographer
  • Anna Opala, photographer
  • Robert Hunter, grooming content
  • Steve Walsh and McCann Dog Training, training tips video
  • Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, training videos

A special thank you to Celeste Atkinson for her contribution to the Training page (text, pictures and videos)

A special thank you to Vivian Mainville, cartoonist extraordinaire, for permission to use her wonderful artwork

A special thank you to Elizabeth C. Murphy for the permission to use photographs from her archives

A special thank you to the late Dr. Yves Rouleau, for the Videos page picture of Alfred, his faithful companion

A special thank you to Jona Sanderson, webmaster, for his collaboration

Daniel Boulerice and Huguette Rainforth, website designers

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